How to install and use 1oneCloud server?

At the same time, you have been released from the server for your installation, and if found no, please contact us

When do you need to install 1oneCloud client?

1onecloud client client is a safe and fast integration server tools, when the service problems and get the most efficient deposit data service (this service is free of charge)

How to own an 1oneCloud account?

Answer:1one.Cloud provide registration form: mobile phone number.
1) mobile phone number is unique, if registered, please use this account to login directly 1oneCloud;
2) if you can't log in, please click "forget password" to get your password back;
3) contact us if the account is lost or unable to verify ;
4) if you use the IE series browser or any other low-version browser, the page will not register, please try to replace the new browser retry .

Which way can I log in 1oneCloud?

Answer: by registering or binding the phone number.

What if you forget your password?

Answer: in the account login page, click "forget password", according to the prompt process you can pass: bind the phone number and verify password reset via SMS verification code.

Why can't you log in1oneCloud?

Answer: please check the reason according to the login failure. If not, please contact 1one. Cloud administrator. You can leave a message if there are other emergency reasons.

Can I cancel my account?

1oneCloud temporarily does not support its cancellation of its own account。